This book is dedicated to the Eve’s Warriors in the authors’ lives:

Dody Ann Long Burnett, Curt’s spouse, who died in 2019 after a valiant 14-month struggle with cancer;
Betty Lena Nelson Stokes, Dody’s mother, and Alpha Demona Goodwin, Dody’s maternal grandmother;
Arlene Burnett (Curt’s Mother and Alisha’s paternal grandmother);
Ruth Gates (Foo) Duffin, Alisha’s maternal grandmother; Susa Young Gates, Alisha’s great-great grandmother;
Joan Worthington, Alisha’s mother-in-law;
members of Curt’s family group — Kristin Hodson, Shay Burnett, Jennie Bennion, Kristin Bennion, and Caitlin Bennion; Curt and Dody’s granddaughters – Avery, Addison, Sydney, Paige, Claire, Penny, Josey, Janie, Eliza, Eliza, Ivy, and Cecily;
the Healing Group;
the sisters in Curt’s South Jordan 5th and 6th LDS wards;
Emma Smith;
Eliza R. Snow;
Susan B. Anthony;
Alice Paul;
Joanna Brooks;
Chieko Okazaki;
Rosa Parks;
Carol Lynn Pearson;
Lavina Fielding Anderson;
Jana Reiss;
Juanita Brooks;
Peggy Fletcher Stack;
Linda King Newell;
Valeen Tippets Avery;
Wendy Watson Nelson;
Sonia Johnson;
Margaret Barker;
Fiona Givens;
Neylan McBaine;
Sister Sharon Eubank;
Sister Jean B. Bingham;
Sister Reyna I. Aburto;
Malala Yousafzai;
Elizabeth Smart and Mother Teresa;
Jan Shipps;
Laurel Young.

Women of Faith

Readers meet real “women of faith” like Harriet Tubman and Joan of Arc, who openly acknowledged God’s hand in their achievements. They’ll also follow the adventures of fictional Eve’s Warriors like Amelia, a New York teenager, and Simona, a Roman country girl, who consort with real-life transfigured beings with “superhero” powers.

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